What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Join me to start your 2017 journey!

10 week-programme: Pilates Mixed Abilities

Starting date: 30/01/2017 to 3/04/2017
Every Monday, 8:00pm to 9:00pm

£10/session with a 10% discount when you pay upfront!

Location: St Hugh’s Community Centre
42 Castledine Road, London SE20 8PL

  • Improved flexibility, coordination
  • Improve posture, balance
  • Strong, toned abs, buttocks and legs
  • Fantastic core strength
  • Reduce stress levels, joints and back pains
  • Enhance mobility throughout your spine

Pilates is booked as a term-time course and paid for in advance of the course starting.

Pilates for Mixed Abilities
Pilates for beginners

Twelve-week programme in order to identify your level , and assess your fitness.

Throughout the programme, each session will be tailored accordingly to the level of each participant.

During the first few weeks, we will focus on implementing the Joseph Pilates’ principles.

These are: concentration, breathing, centring, control, alignment, flow, co-ordination, relaxation.

This is not just for beginners but also for those who suffer from stress related illnesses, who have a bad breathing pattern (BBP), who lack co-ordination, who struggle to understand the lateral breathing technique, who are injured or have general health issues.

Intermediate and Advanced participants will be able to join in as a refresher, to perfect the different positions, challenges and spend more time just working on their breathing.

To join me on this course, contact me.