Performance Profile Form

The purpose of the performance profile is to help you, the client, to gain a clear understanding of where you stand now in terms of your exercise and lifestyle goals, and what it will take for you to achieve them. The first step is to imagine the real you! Then begin to break this image up into the components that will help you to achieve this – we’ll call these components “mini-goals”.

You can use these suggestions to help get you started:

Muscular Strength Muscle Tone Agility Weight Loss
Endurance Muscle Growth Power Stress Relief
Posture Self-confidence Energy Flexibility
Pain Reduction Nutrition Sports Motivation
Balance Speed Core Training Mobility

So – are you ready to get started?

Complete the form below – you can add any of the above-mentioned suggestions as a “mini-goal”, or you can add your own, and rate each of them on a scale of 1 (not important) to 10 (very important). And don’t forget to add your name, email address, and the date.

Once you have finished you can email the form to yourself or print the page, in order to keep a copy for your records.

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Performance Profile Form
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