Great nutrition for great results

Did you know that great results come from great nutrition, rather than simply training?

Training alone is not enough. If you want to achieve great results from your personal training, you need to consider your nutrition too. The attitude of “if I train, I can eat whatever I want,” isn’t really effective unless you are exceptionally lean and train a lot or have a naturally high metabolism. And the majority of us aren’t like that, are we?

To help you get the best results possible from your training, Clarice Fitness recommends adopting a healthy eating plan as well.

Tailored nutrition plan

Clarice Fitness will help you develop a realistic and suitable eating plan, adapted to your needs and fitness goals. There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer. In the same way that Clarice will tailor your fitness training to your needs and abilities, she will also tailor your nutrition plan.

Beginning by looking at your current eating habits, Clarice will make recommendations and adjust your food intake gradually. This helps you to create real, long-lasting habits, which will be easier for you to adopt. Gradual adjustment also stops you feeling like you’re on a diet, so that your body responds positively to the changes, rather than thinking you’re being starved and therefore storing fat.

A tailored nutrition plan is included with all personal training packages, along with regular body-fat assessments and measurements to track your progress.

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