Clarice has enabled me to focus and remain motivated with fitness. She is great at keeping me on track and very subtly lets me know when I have got it wrong or am not working hard enough. She is very flexible in terms of where and when we train, which is crucial for someone like me who sometimes struggles with work and getting motivated at the beginning or end of the day. I would definitely recommend Clarice – the sessions are varied and when I want to focus on a particular thing, Clarice is always willing to adapt. Finally I cannot recommend enough the stretch and mini-massage that top the sessions off at the end – fabulous!


Due to weight gain following two operations on my spine, which had resulted in some nerve damage, I decided to try Clarice’s class through funding from Bromley Adults Education College. Clarice took great care to understand what my limitations were and how we could go about building up my core strength without causing any damage to my existing condition. The class was well organised and there were many different people from all walks of life. The class was friendly and any exercise I could not manage was happily accommodated and an alternative suggested. To be able to take part in such a class where you do not feel intimidated was a pleasant surprise. Not only is it helping me build my strength up but also meeting new people in a caring and supportive environment has many other benefits both physically and mentally. I do hope funding will be continued for this very useful and supportive scheme.

Natasha E

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed my 1st Pilates class, despite being totally unfit and inflexible! I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS after a period of being paralysed from the knees down and going blind a few times. I do suffer from balance issues and tiredness at times but at the moment I feel great, so my attention can now be focused on getting fitter! Thank you for inspiring me!


Before I met Clarice I was extremely unfit, I couldn’t even run to the end of the road without losing my breath. It’s safe to say Clarice has changed my life. I am now fitter and more flexible than I was in my twenties! Clarice is a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; an expert in running, Pilates and personal training. She has a warm and welcoming personality that has made our workouts consistently fun and engaging. Through continuous positive feedback, she has retrained my body and I have never felt stronger and healthier.


Thank you so much Clarice for your classes. Since I started to exercise with you I’m less stress and worried. I feel more confident and positive. I was very depressed and I put lots of weight on. Now, I lost some weight and love your class because it’s fun and everybody is friendly. The classes are always dynamic and amazing. I’m very grateful.


I have been training with Clarice for about a year now and the sessions have been great. She has really made an effort to understand my fitness goals and has devised a programme that has allowed me to meet them. I have also lost weight and I’m more confident. She is also friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend her.


I met Clarice in 2013. I wanted to lose weight as I was classed obese for my height – my weight gain was mainly because of stress due to my son being disabled. Clarice was very understanding and tried to help me by giving me concession on her fees. This enabled me to train with her three times a week for an hour and half to lose weight. I lost 13 kgs in less than four months.

Natasha J

I joined Clarice’s cardio class early this year and have seen many benefits. I was a thyroid patient before I joined the class. The doctors had not been able to control it but after doing the workouts, it’s now under control and I have been off medication for 6 months. I lacked energy, was de-motivated and had problems sleeping. Now I am so full of energy, and sleep very well. I am much fitter now I would really recommend this to any woman who wants to live a healthy life!


I really didn’t believe that exercise could be fun, yet Clarice has made her classes a fun, social event, letting everyone work at their own pace, enjoying exercise. Yet she gives a gentle push each lesson to make you feel the benefit from her classes.


I have known Clarice for many years and have been lucky enough to have used her sports massage services. I have found her to be very knowledgeable, friendly and a great role model. Clarice is part of our local running club, and so I have seen first-hand how much hard work and effort she has put into achieving her own goals, and how far she was come. Her enthusiasm and focus would be a great asset to anyone looking to her for help. I would definitely use her again and would not hesitate to recommend her.


My Pilates ability really moved forward in training with Clarice. She is excellent at encouraging you to improve and challenge your abilities within a safe and friendly environment. As a result, my core strength and flexibility improved no end, and her classes are always fun.


I have been training with Clarice for over a year now, and I have loved all my sessions. Clarice perfectly tailored my sessions to fit my ability – I was returning to exercise after a running injury, where I thought my running days were over. Clarice started introducing short runs into our weekly sessions and before I knew it I was comfortably running 5km. Within a year, I have completed a couple of 10km, including one where I was dressed has Father Christmas! The sessions have given me the confidence and strength to take my running to the next level and I have recently completed a 10 mile run. I highly recommend Clarice because she is very motivated and positive personal trainer. Take the next step and book a session with Clarice you will find her energy is infectious.


Working with Clarice has opened my mind to what I can achieve and taught me an important lesson in my approach to life in general; by being patient and working hard, I can achieve results. I never thought I would enjoy exercising outside, even in winter, but I love it and can now run further than I ever thought possible. I look forward to my training sessions with Clarice, she has a gentle, encouraging and motivating approach and our training sessions are the perfect start to my weekend! I would definitely recommend her!


After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and having two children, I lost confidence in myself. I started attending Pilates classes with Clarice and realised that my muscles were getting stronger and my fitness was improving. Clarice is kind and understanding by nature, and her experience helps her relate to people who have an illness or are recovering from an injury. Clarice had to coax me into attending an interval training class as, with my wobbly balance, I didn’t believe I could do it. Her class was full of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, all trying to achieve their own personal goals, not judging each other. Each week things got easier and I began enjoying the classes. Clarice has given me the confidence to attend gym classes and go running. After working with her for over a year, I feel more energetic, fit and healthy than I have in years.

Female, aged 42

I started training with Clarice in late 2015, as I was very unfit and wanted to lose weight and become stronger and more flexible. I was nervous about getting a personal trainer and it was really important to find someone who understood me and I could work with. When I first met Clarice I immediately felt relaxed and knew that she understood what I wanted to achieve. Also being a mum, she understood the lack of time I had to train.
Clarice pushes me and each session is different and varied. She senses when I am tired or lacking in energy and adapts the session to suit this but other times knows when to push me harder. The sessions are fun and varied and keep me interested. It’s always lovely to see a smiley face at 6am on a dark and cold morning!
For me one of the big benefits of training with Clarice is her flexibility. She is able to work around me and my commitments, unlike other personal trainers. I would highly recommend training with Clarice.


I’ve been training with Clarice since December 2013. We talked through what I wanted from the sessions, then Clarice put together a training plan specific for me. We meet twice a week at Crystal Palace Sports Centre to work on my cardio and strength training. 
I find having a personal trainer has been really beneficial. It’s motivated me and I have seen the results quite quickly. My overall fitness level has increased, I feel stronger and this has translated to better running.
Having Clarice as a trainer has the added benefit that she is a runner herself so really does understand the needs of someone training for a marathon. She is personable, well mannered, attentive, encouraging and she WILL push you. However, I am glad she is definitely not a ‘drill sergeant’ as that would not have worked with me. And, she will flex the training schedule depending on progress and time constraints.

Sharon De Torres

My sessions with Clarice have been great. She has really made an effort to understand my fitness goals and has devised a programme that has allowed me to meet them. I have also lost 15 pounds in the process. She is also friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend her.


I loved training with Clarice. When we met I mentioned that I liked being outdoors and that I wanted to learn exercises that didn’t rely on gym equipment. So we would meet in the park where we spent half the session running and half the session looking like mad people, using equipment that she would pull out of the back of her car.

Clarice will take her cue from you in terms of the way you want to exercise and how hard you want to push it. She will make sure you always go beyond what you think you can achieve but without ever taking a bullying approach. A big part of what makes her an inspiring trainer is her own strength as a person.

Saskia Portway

I have been training with Clarice since March 2014. I decided to work with a personal trainer because I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding. I also wanted to get into shape for the New York marathon. I meet Clarice once a week and we normally do a warm up followed by a track session. This can be various sprint sessions or longer track sessions pushing me to get faster each time and working on my cardio fitness and strength. We then do strength, weight and core training. Clarice works me hard and pushes me to achieve. It’s not easy but I have seen results! I have dropped a dress size and I feel so much healthier and stronger. Clarice is friendly and professional and I have found her to be flexible around dates and times when I have had other commitments or time constraints. I would highly recommend her.


I have been having personal sessions with Clarice now for about 4 months, to help me in my goal of losing weight and doing the London marathon. I am almost at my target weight, feel loads fitter and really pleased with my progress. Clarice always varies the sessions, which keeps it fun and interesting and manages to make me work harder than I could ever do on my own. I think Clarice is a genuine and lovely person and would highly recommend her.

Peter McDonald